Area Interest's
Nokomis Veterans War
On July 12, 1992, the Nokomis Community dedicated what
now is being recognized as one of the most beautiful war
memorials anywhere in the whole country. It's cost being
totally subscribed for by local citizens with many who had
moved away but retained strong ties to the community.
Without too much effort, in about six months time, a total of
$32,000.00 was raised.

The monument consists of a semi-circle of seven, six foot tall
black granite tablets six inches thick together with a large
feature stone front and center, all of which are mounted on a
concrete apron.

The tall stones contain the names of 1,400 Nokomis area
men and women who served in World War I, World War II,
the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, Panama and the Persian Gulf
War. Soberly realizing that other conflicts may follow, space
has been reserved for additional tablets..
Above is a copy of the dedication ceremory booklet
from July 12, 1992