(Johnny Cash Tribute featuring June Carter)

One More Round:
If a Tribute to Johnny Cash is what you have been
searching for, Bill Forness has channeled Johnny Cash.  Heads will turn
and the attention of the audience will not falter once this incredible artist
begins to sing.  Relive your favorite memories of Johnny Cash, or get to
know him through the talent and soul of this amazing singer.  Mr. Forness
has been singing and playing guitar for nearly 25 years and his talent,
passion, and respect for Johnny Cash flow out of him as he sings the
wonderfully profound songs of the
man in black.  When you see Bill
Forness, and his whole re-creation of the Tennessee three, you will be
charmed throughout the whole show, and you will float home, as happy as
if you had just seen the
man in black himself.

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