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Nokomis, Illinois 62075
(217) 563-2013
The City of Nokomis has had a municipal water supply since 1894.  A special ordinance was
passed on August 6, 1894 authorizing the city council to make all necessary contracts for the purpose
of prospecting for water and ascertaining if there would be a sufficient water supply to warrant a
system of water works.  There was found to be an underground lake.  Bonds were authorized to be
issued to erect, construct and maintain a system of water works to supply fire protection and for use
of the citizens.
The former Nokomis water works plant, brought into operation on December 5, 1935, operated at its
location just east of the new facility for over sixty years.  On October 1, 1998, ground was broken and
a new facility was built and went on line less than a year later, August 12, 1999.  The old plant was
demolished a few days later.  Nokomis can be very proud of this beautiful, state-of-the-art facility.
For over 110 years the citizens of Nokomis have benefited from having a municipal water supply.  
Nokomis had softened and treated water before it was government mandated.  The Nokomis city
fathers have for many years looked into the future to give our citizens good, clean, healthy and
economical water.