Police Officer and Employee Honored
Police Chief Tom Kearns told council members that on Jan. 8 the department had received a welfare call from the
school district to check on some students who had not attended school for the last couple of days and the district
was concerned about their welfare.
Police Officer Tim Fortkamp went to check on the students and was told by the father that everything was "okay."
He returned to the police station, but told Chief Kearns that he had a "gut feeling" something wasn't right. Later in the
evening, speaking with dispatcher Billie Jostes about the situation, Jostes remembered from a previous call that the
father was a diabetic. Emergency service personnel was alerted and escorted the police officer back to the residence
and found the man suffering from a severe diabetic reaction.
In the certificate of merit presented to Fortkamp and Jostes it reads, "Your outstanding police performance, display
of conspicuous initiative, capability, attention to duty and potential life saving act brings respect for yourself and the
The council applauded and commended both employees for their selfless acts.
In the Superintendents reports Street Superintendent Mike Holliday reported his department is ready for snow
removal if needed. Mayor Keith Hancock asked that the tennis shoes across the wires at State and Maple be taken
Water Superintendent Mike Finn said that Broetke Wells had finished maintenance work on Well #10, and
explained the well only has another ten years of service. He also presented a three year contract with PDC Labs for
analytical testing. Before, the state department did the testingand with this contract the city would save over $24,000
over the three year period.
Waste Waster Superintendent Brian Hayes reported an ammonia problem in the water, and he will be meeting with
representatives of Illinois EPA, Illinois Rural Water and the city engineers to try to find a solution to the problem. The
meeting will be held Feb. 10.
Police Chief Kearns reported ordinance violation tickets are up this month, mostly due to tickets being written for
dogs running at large. He said his officers are clocking speeders near the new Shane Cole Memorial Park and will
continue to monitor that area for speeders.
Under old business Commissioner Jim Keele reported "Slow, children playing" signs will be erected near the Shane
Cole Memorial Park.
Commissioner Lance Lehnen reported the furnace in the police department is up and running and some small work
still needs to be completed.
Under new business, the council approved a building permit for Rod Elller for a 6'x6' door entrance and wheelchair
ramp at the old auction house.
Commissioner Terry Hill reported on a pay request from city engineers Farnsworth Group for grant work in the
amount of $625.
Mayor Keith Hancock told the council employee evaluations should be turned in by the first of March.
The council met in executive session for a little over an hour to discuss terms and conditions of employment and
possible litigation. After the session the council hired Bill Kenny as a full-time police officer. He had been working full
time hours due to a vacancy in the schedule.
The council discussed a contract with Coalton regarding police protection. The contract will be taken to the Coalton
Village Board for review and then a final draft will be presented at the next meeting of the Nokomis City Council.